Student Government Association (SGA)

Class of 2021 officers:
President: Sara Lohbauer
1st VP: Jean-Claude Guidi
2nd VP: Hanna Ro
Secretary: Andrea Linares
Treasurer: Raphael Itzkowitz
Webmaster: Anand Adhikari

Class of 2020 officers:
President: Adam Wolberg
1st VP: Will Billari
2nd VP: Makala Bascome
Secretary: Shabnam Shahrestani
Treasurer: Gary Stocker
Webmaster: Carey Roberts



SGA at LECOM Bradenton is a multifaceted organization that represents the entire student body. Every third Wednesday of the month, SGA executive board, club officers and students meet and discuss everything from community service to national initiatives. Meetings are open to everyone and are structured to allow open participation and feedback. SGA exists to represent the student body and will work to resolve student concerns by making issues more accessible to administrators.

LECOM Bradenton’s SGA reports to a national organization known as COSGP. COSGP is comprised of all the Presidents and 1st Vice Presidents from every school. Each quarter, our President and 1st Vice President meet with all the other schools to discuss what’s happening within the osteopathic profession and learn what other schools are doing on their campuses. By sharing our individual successes and/or failures we learn from each school and can further enhance each students’ experience at LECOM Bradenton.


Past Officers:

Class of 2019 officers:
President: Theodore Dizikes
1st Vice President: Marie Gabriel
2nd Vice President: Jacqueline Fitton
Treasurer: Shreyas Srinivasan
Secretary: Jillian Jagoe
Webmaster: Zia Khan

Class of 2018 officers:
President: Trevor Brue
1st Vice President: Lauren Solomon
2nd Vice President: Michaelangelo Friscia
Treasurer: Tyler Saunders
Secretary: Krista Perry
Media Coordinator: Taylor Kassiotis
Webmaster: Richie Bravo

Class of 2017 officers:
President: Ashley Gabriel
1st VP: Christopher Topping
2nd VP: Shauna Wrazidlo
Secretary: Jason Johnson
Treasurer: Matthew Sturdivant
Media: Shawn Kim
Webmaster: Gregory Mandile