Muslim Medical Student Association (MMSA)

Class of 2021 officers:
President: Omar Alzarkali
Vice President: Mohamad Abed Asfour
Treasurer: Fawaz Abdulkarim
Secretary: Fatima Qaisrani

Club Description/Mission Statement
○ Description: MMSA is an organization that promotes Islam by conducting religious activities and other social activities. It is comprised of Muslim and non-Muslim students, in order to serve and unite the healthcare community through a series of spiritual, educational, and social/service activities.
○ Mission Statement:
■ To provide an opportunity for Muslim students on campus to network and unite with others
■ To promote a better understanding and a better image of Islam/Muslims in the field of healthcare
■ Clarifying many of the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims
■ Promotion and understandings of other cultures

Club events–any signature events, volunteer activities throughout the year–if your events are not yet set in stone, please try to include any events from last year
○ Annual Fast-a-thon: Fast for a day as Muslims do during the month of Ramadan and donate your saved food money to a selected charity. The event takes place near sundown when we all come together to break our fasts with a provided dinner. Details TBA.
○ Health Fair volunteering at the local mosque
○ Islam awareness event
Volunteering at the All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota

Club Dues Amount – Free


Class of 2019 officers:
President: Hashim Armashi (
Vice President: Ahmed Awad (
Treasurer: Omar Hassanien (