Emergency Medicine Club (EMed)

Class of 2021 officers:
President: Veronica O’Neal
Vice President: Kyle Auger
Treasurer: Tyler Littmann
Secretary: Mitul Patel

Class of 2020 officers:
President: Clairisse Hafey
Vice President: Susannah Boulet
Treasurer: Ram Sinha
Secretary: Randy Leung

Emergency Medicine Club is, as you may have guessed, an interest group in emergency medicine.

Emergency Medicine is one of the youngest specialties in the world of medicine today. Since the 1970s physicians dedicated to Emergency Medicine have made great strides in interventions and treatments that meet the needs of patients in their worst imaginable moments.

At EM Club we aim to prepare medical students to be competitive applicants for EM residencies, and to be fully aware of the pros and cons of this both challenging and rewarding field. This commitment includes providing skills sessions, lectures, and the latest data on what it takes to be an outstanding applicant. Working closely with the national ACOEP chapter we want to provide you with the most current information possible.

The EM Club has a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. You can find out a little more about each of us on our club Facebook page: LECOM Emergency Medicine Club – Bradenton.

So what you probably want to know is how much are dues? Currently dues are $40. This provides you with 4 years of EM club support, discounts for skills sessions, and food at the end of our monthly meetings. In the grand scheme of Medical School this is money well spent.

Facebook Page

Class of 2019 officers:
President: Jordan Johnson
1st Vice President: Dana Norman
2nd Vice President: Nikita Patel
Treasurer: Michael Brennan
Historian: Shreyas Srinivasan
Sergeant at Arms: Christina Powell

Class of 2018 officers:
President: Dom Williams
1st Vice President: Kayla Guidry
2nd Vice President: Emily Howell
Treasurer: Dylan Brown
Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator – Karen Ramsay
Sergeant at Arms – Matt Mason